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Wooden Sash Windows In North London

Case Study

The main issue was the very poor thermal performance of the existing windows. Due to their size and being single glazed, heat would disappear very quickly through the thin glass and large gaps between the frames would allow cold air to enter into the building driving down the room temperature. With large rooms and high ceilings, trying to heat the property was proving to be extremely difficult & very expensive.

The property is in a conservation area, so the customer also needed something that would look sympathetic to the original windows whilst still offering excellent thermal performance.

We replaced the old timber sash windows with our standard, energy A rated products. The double glazed units have a special heat reflective glass which stops heat from escaping and an with advanced weather seal system, we were able to stop the cold air coming in – dramatically reducing the cost of heating the property in the process!


Timber Sliding Sash Windows

Materials Used

Redwood Woodheart, Sapele, Accoya



Completion Date

Feb 2014

Site Address

Stoke Newington, London


Private Residential

To satisfy the conservation status, we added a special Ovalo profile to the outside frame to closely match the existing profiles.


Otto Chacon -

“We feel extremely happy with the end product, the temperature in the flat does not fluctuate drastically, as it used to happen in the past. And we have a constant 19.3 C to 22.4 C home temperature environment, and if any temperature above, it is easy to open the windows and drop the temperature”

Saul Goodman - “This is the best investment we have done for many years.!! thanks for the great quality you sold us, and of course thanks for the great service you have provided


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