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Contempory Timber Casement Windows in East London

We installed our range of lipped, timber casement windows at this recent warehouse conversion in East London.

The original windows were installed when the warehouse was converted into flats only 10 years previously but were very poor quality and had deteriated badly.

The customer wanted contempory timber windows to match the character of the property, so we specified our pencil round profiles which have a modern, simple design and brushed chrome handles to complete the look. We were also able to offer a dual colour finish of black outside and a special colour chosen by the customer inside.

Another issue was noise coming from other neighbours; especially on the weekend! To alleviate this problem, we added 8.8mm thick acoustic glass which has significantly reduced noise pollution.

Black Finish Externally and also a Catflap fitted

Pencil Round Profiles

Special Colour Finish Internally

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