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Hardwood Windows in Barnet, North London

Timber Windows
Hardwood Windows

Case Study

The customer wanted a traditional window with modern benefits such as draught proofing and high security.

The house has certain charm & style which the original windows reflected. Working closely with the customer we were able to make slight design tweeks to our product to compliment existing profiles and match internal finishes such as architraves that were unique to this property.

We also were able to save some existing stained leaded glass and incorperate them, double glazed, into the new windows.

The customer wanted a hardwood product so we were able to offer ‘Red Grandis’ which is a very high quality and durable material which is also very sustainable - all our timbers come from FSC certified sources.

Wooden Windows


Hardwood Casement Windows

Materials Used

Red Grandis Hardwood



Completion Date

October 2014

Site Address

Barnet, North London


Private Residential

Timber Windows


“Our windows are fantastic and the house is also much, much warmer”

Tom Cook

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