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Timber Sliding Patio Doors In Highbury, North London

Case Study

The customer was keen to match the style and of the old doors but wanted a wider opening, an easy to operate system with superior security & thermal performance.

Long life is built into every sliding patio door we supply and the design system allows for very large and heavy doors (up to 400kg) to be specified without compromising the sliding performance.

Key features include low resistance sliders, multi-point locking systems, night vents and internal beading to ensure extremely high performance.

With the new doors installed, the customer is now able to open and close them with very little effort and the double glazing offers excellent thermal performance.


Timber Sliding Patio Doors

Materials Used

Red Grandis Hardwood



Completion Date

June 2014

Site Address

Highbury, North London


Private Residential


"The doors are excellent”

Mrs Taylor

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