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Timber Window & Door Design

Carefully selecting the most stable timbers, using advanced coatings & developing designs to maximise the potential of these materials - the result is a highly engineered product that requires minimal maintenance & will continue to look good year after year.

Add to that high performance glazing systems optimised for thermal efficiency & the best hardware and ironmongery - we are confident that we offer the very highest quality timber windows and doors available on the market today.

Our wooden windows and doors are not just beautiful to look at; they have gone through years of extensive research, development & testing.The very latest computer design and modelling packages allow the designs to be continuously reviewed, developed & optimised.


Products can be customised to match with existing designs & still perform to the highest standards.

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1. Glazing

Our standard range of windows & doors come with A rated double glazing. The glass we use is optimised for thermal efficiency and a clear neutral appearance. This allows more light into your property, a clearer view and much lower heating costs.

2. Paint

All products have a unique & advanced 4 coat paint system applied. This has been developed to provide maximum protection to the timber, whilst still allowing it

to breathe and let its natural characteristics show through.

3. Internal Beading

Internally glazed timber windows and doors offer both greater security and longer life. If the beading is on the external part of the product, it will deteriorate quickly, causing water to come into the frame and damage the product and glazing unit. As it is on the inside, it is kept away from the elements and the product remains sound.

4. Profile Options

We can offer a wide range of frame and beading profiles, which will allow us to match the period features of your property. When tighter planning controls are required, our historical buildings range of timber windows and doors allow further choices to ensure you get exactly what you require

5. Wide Choice of Timber

For most projects, customers can opt for our standard range. These are made using a combination of different timbers best suited to their particular roles. We can also offer a choice of alternative timbers such as Oak if required.

6. Weather-Tight Seals

Using high quality materials that will not shrink, crack or decay, our weather seal systems are designed to give superior insulation, weather tightness & noise reduction.

7. Ventilated Glazing Units

The sealed glazing unit stays dry and condensation free thanks to an innovative drainage and ventilation channel allowing the free flow of air around the unit.

8. External Rounds

All timber windows and doors have rounded edges on the external profiles to provide better paint adhesion and as a result a longer lasting product. Sharp edges will cause the paint to shrink and crack exposing the timber to the elements


The specification of timber is essential for the long term durability of any timber window or door. Only the finest, most stable & durable timbers are used.


Our windows & doors are manufactured from engineered timber from sustainable sources as standard. All timber is approved by fsc® bodies & is selected for its outstanding performance & environmental credentials.


We have a wide range of timber options available including -


  • Redwood Woodheart

  • Red Grandis Hardwood

  • Sapele Hardwood

  • Oak

  • Accoya®

Timber windows and doors, wooden windows and doors, timber windows london, hardwood windows and doors
Paint System

The coating system is vitally important for the longevity of timber windows & doors & their appearance -


P – Preparation:Softwood is first treated in a boron preservative, penetrating deep into the timber allowing us to give a 30 year guarantee against decay.


1 – Basecoat:The product is deluged in a basecoat, which penetrates the timber, providing protection against moisture penetration and UV radiation


2 – Spray Mid-coat:We apply a first spray coat with special properties for protecting the timber and regulating its moisture, as well as providing an excellent surface for the adhesion of the top coat.


3 – Spray Top Coat:Investment in the latest robotic spray system allows us to give a 10 year guarantee against paint failure.

Timber windows and doors, wooden windows and doors, timber windows london, hardwood windows and doors
Timber windows and doors, wooden windows and doors, timber windows london, hardwood windows and doors

We can provide almost any colour, all we require is an RAL Number, Natural Colour System (NCS)

British Standard (BS 4800) or an actual sample.


The choice of glazing unit has a large effect on the overall performance of the product.As standard, all windows come with a high performance glazing system optimised for thermal efficiency & a clear neutral appearance, resulting in increased light coming into your property, a clearer view & lower heating costs.


We Have A Wide Range Of Glazing Options Available Including -


  • Obscure patterns

  • Acoustic reduction

  • Laminated security glass

  • Solar reduction

  • Bioclean© self-cleaning glass

  • Enhanced thermal performance (a triple glazed system is available on all product ranges).

  • A wide range of lead and coloured glass options.

  • We can also save your original stained leaded glass and make into double or triple glazed units

Timber windows and doors, wooden windows and doors, timber windows london, hardwood windows and doors
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